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Feeds #

  • I’m a fan of round avatar icons, makes it instantly visually distinct from other graphics.

  • Support light/dark modes (this could change, but you have to commit whether to do it or not).

  • All the fonts are built-in iOS fonts (and should respond to user size preferences).

AltText #

Support and encourage alt text, e.g. immediately display when browsing posts, immediately present alt text entry when attaching media (MetaText does this), provide alt text tools like text detection on images (again, MetaText does this, and so does the Mastodon web UI, although that requires a sometimes lengthy upload to a server).

Menus #

I was a proponent of going with the de-facto standard tab layout of social media apps (home on the left, profile on the right..) but Mastodon has so many feeds I gave up on that. A menu provides easy switching among alternate (i.e. not home) feeds, including lists, local and federated, trends…

Now only using tabs in subscreens.

Posts #

Confirmation for any action you might regret, including posting and replying. Blocking and muting should be easy, though (you can always change your mind, no biggie).

Accessibility #

Profiles #

Profile Editing #

Search #

Trends #

Discover #

Notifications #

Lists #

Easy list viewing and management, otherwise the home feed is too much (this is self-fulfilling, as you have to follow an account before adding to a list).

Preferences #