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Fedicat is a Mastodon/Fediverse client app on iOS that I’m developing in Swift and SwiftUI with TootSDK. The primary target platform is Mastodon, but it should support anything supported by TootSDK, which currently recognizes Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma, Akkoma, and Pixelfed.

The Fediverse #

Goals #

  • comprehensive support of the Mastodon API, shouldn’t have to go to the web front end (or any other app)
  • fediverse compatibility (calckey, pixelfed…)
  • accessibility: support alt-text, respond to Accessibility settings (voiceover, type size…)
  • safe, mood-maintenance, social experience: make blocking easy, avoid accidents
  • discovery: make exploration easy
  • economical: run on low-cost devices and in low-bandwidth environments (e.g. turn off image downloads)
  • learn

Non-Goals #

  • cross-platform. Since this is Swift/SwiftUI, forget about it.

Graphics #

  • The app icon is from my attempt at handcoding an SVG icon library.

  • All the other icons are from Apple’s built-in SF Symbols.

Open Source #

Fedicat a bunch of open source packages: