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Fedicat is a Mastodon/Fediverse client app on iOS developed in Swift and SwiftUI with TootSDK.

Supported Platforms

Mastodon is the primary target, but other fediverse platforms that support the Mastodon API are supported to various extents.

The Fediverse

The hardest part of joining the fediverse is deciding where to join. Here are some resources.


  • comprehensive support of the Mastodon API, shouldn’t have to go to the web front end (or any other app)
  • fediverse compatibility, support at least everything recognized by TootSDK (and by implication any platform that works with the Mastodon API)
  • convenient switching among multiple accounts
  • accessibility: support alt-text, light/dark mode, respond to Accessibility settings (voiceover, type size…)
  • safe, mood-maintenance, social experience: make blocking easy, avoid accidents
  • discovery: make exploration easy
  • economical: run on low-cost devices and in low-bandwidth environments (e.g. turn off image downloads)
  • learn


  • cross-platform. Since this is Swift/SwiftUI, forget about it.


The left menu allows you to log in and out of instances, switch among multiple sessions, view/edit your profile, and set your app preferences.

The top menu allows you to select among feeds, including the home feed, local/global feeds for the current instance, feeds for followed hashtags, and the public feeds of instances you’ve saved.

The top right thumbnail is a reminder of the current instance you’re operating in. Tapping it brings up the instance description.

In most screens with lists, including feeds, pull-down to refresh. Feeds do not auto-refresh.

Long-press on posts for more options, including deleting and pinning posts, viewing favoriters and boosters, and reporting problematic posts.

Long-press on profile headers for more options, including reporting accounts, browsing their instance.

Tap on images to see full screen/full resolution view.

Double-tap on card thumbnails to see full screen/full resolution views.


Open Source

This app is built with the following open source Swift packages: